Air Traffic Services Training

Takeoff Direct specialises in air traffic control training in partnership with a UK based leading international college. All of our Air Traffic Control training courses follow the guidelines of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation so have therefore been mapped to the Eurocontrol Specification for the ATCO Common Core Content Initial Training and meet the ICAO standards.

Our instructors are a team of experts who have worked and trained within the ICAO, UK CAA and European environment.

 We are able to facilitate training at colleges that are accredited by  ICAO to deliver ATC training or in - country for CAAs that have suitable training faciliities at home.                      

Some of the ICAO courses that we are able to facilitate are , but not limited to :
 029 Aeronautical Information Services
051 Ab initio for Controllers and Assistants
052 Aerodrome Control
052 Aerodrome Control - Advanced
052 Aerodrome Control - Refresher
053 Approach Control - Non-Radar (Procedural)
053 Approach Procedural Control (Refresher)
054 Approach Control - Radar
054 Area Control - Radar
054 Conversion of Area Radar Control to Approach Radar Control
054 Radar Control
055 Area Control - Non-Radar (Procedural)
059 Tests and Examinations in Air Traffic Control
155 PANS-OPS Instrument Procedure Design
155 PANS-OPS Instrument Procedure Design Regulation Course
155 Pre-PANS-OPS Instrument Procedure Design
179 Aeronautical Telecommunications Procedures
211 Classroom Instructional Techniques
212 Instructional Techniques
219 On –the Job Training
219 Training Management
291 Aviation English and ATC Phraseology
291 English Language for Business and Management

We negotiate the best affordable packages inclusive of accommodation, transport and meals with a choice of using selected host families or other private facilities. The host families are carefully selected to provide students with a homely environment that is suitable and safe for students. This arrangement greatly reduces costs without compromising on quality.
 In order to dovetail ATC students’ learning curve, we are also able to arrange for post-training mentoring of students during OJTI and ensure student progression is fairly and seamlessly provided according to the ICAO standards and recommendations. (This facility is optional and subject availability of qualified trainers).
 We can also arrange for training at home subject availability of suitable simulator equipment, classrooms which must meet local CAA and ICAO requirements.
 If you find this proposal of interest we are willing to meet with you at your earliest possible time and present a comprehensive bid and arrange for a visit by our partners at short notice.

 We hope you will find some of our products of interest to your organisation and to the progression of aspiring young  Africans who wish to train to the highest world class  standards in aviation by a team of patient, professional and multicultural trainers and examiners with several years of operational and training experience world-wide.

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