Introduction to Aviation Safety Management Systems

Introduction to Safety Management Systems

This course provides an ideal introduction to the concepts, development, and operation of a Safety Management System. Course material is based on ICAO Annex 19 and Document 9859. It is recommended for all staff employed in safety critical tasks and for all management levels in the organisation or company. Over 300 operational and management personnel have attended this course in 2014

Safety Reporting, Investigation and Analysis

The course is targeted at SMS practitioners who have a responsibility for investigating and analysing occurrences both major and minor. A successful SMS relies on safety data collected from many sources and a significant amount of valuable information is derived from occurrence reporting and the subsequent analysis. The course provides essential material to enable attendees to return to their organisations and undertake the investigation assignment.

Safety Auditing

Having implemented the SMS, the organisation requires assurance that the risk controls in place are operating as intended. Auditing is a key process in providing confidence as to the performance and effectiveness of these controls. The course is designed for SMS practitioners who will take on the role of internal auditor within their organisation.

Hazard Identification and Risk Management

An organisation manages safety by ensuring that, through its safety management processes, the safety risks of the consequences of hazards in critical activities related to the provision of services are controlled to a level as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). This course provides the tools to enable SMS practitioners to successfully undertake basic safety risk management processes.

Added Value SMS Services

We can provide client specific courses on request such as senior management briefings and Human Factors workshops. Also, we have produced client specific Safety Management Systems together with an accompanying implementation programme. 

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