TAKEOFF can carry out aviation Fire services audits and Fire training will be carried out in-line with the requirements of UK/Europe and ICAO.

It is recommended that all aspects of aviation training should be proceeded with an audit of the operation and/or the regulatory procedures. At the end of the audit a training needs analysis should be conducted to ascertain the training need for an individual airport.


The duration of the audit is subject to the size of the individual establishment, which would include interaction with all Rescue and Firefighting Staff, management (and regulatory staff if required).

Theory Training

The content of each course would be relevant to the job role and all subjects covered would also form part of a structured learning programme which would be part of a formal station training programme, a review of which will be provided as part of the audit process.

All of the courses below would be on a theory only bases and any local practical training would be based on local facilities and equipment available.

 Practical Training

These by nature are hard work and require a structured safe training programme and facilities. Initial practical training if facilities are available would be one week which would be in addition to the above courses. The items below would be subject to local facilities.

Fire Training

Air Traffic Control Training UK