ICAO 052 – Aerodrome Control Course

ICAO 052 – Aerodrome Control Course. (8 weeks)

Course aim

The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills to student air traffic controllers in order to enable them to receive a student certificate of competency for ICAO Aerodrome Control Instrument rating with Tower ratings.

Course objectives

After completion of the course, the ATC student shall have:

Have knowledge, skills and understanding of aerodrome control operations, aircraft performance and coordination with relevant ATSU.

Have skills to perform safely and according to rules and regulations, providing orderly and expeditious Aerodrome Control Service in an aerodrome environment.

Ability to work in team environment.

Course overview


The theory lectures ware delivered in the first two weeks of the course and the two elements, :

Practical, Simulator

The Traffic simulation progresses in complexity. Handling of vehicles proceeding along taxiways and runways will be followed by light and medium VFR aircraft requiring wake turbulence separation and consideration. Training aircraft are maintained in the circuit to give the student a chance to handle constant flow of VFR traffic and integrating circuit traffic with arrivals and departures.

The second phase will be the handling of by IFR traffic which will be progressively mixed with the VFR traffic.

The delegates progressively build up practical skills as the exercises increase in intensity and complexity and will be required to use judgement in prioritising and use of standard phraseology.

he thirds phase included delegates dealing with Routine Occurrences and Emergencies. This trained the delegates to be more aware of safety considerations when handling such traffic and the use of non- standard phraseology and plain spoken English.

he Aerodrome Control Instrument Course will provide each student with 37 hours of practical training inclusive of pre and post exercise briefing and debriefing.

In addition the Final Examination Exercises will provide 2 and half hours of practical exercises.

Courses Venue: UK/ AFRICA

Dates: TBA

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