ICAO 053 Approach non-Radar (procedural) (8 Weeks)


2 Weeks of theoretical events will be followed by practical applications in a classroom and in a simulator.

The theoretical parts in this course cover new objectives containing mainly procedural separations as well as reviews and enhancements of subjects from the ICAO 051 course including but not limited to the following:
• Approach Control General
• Terrain Clearance
• Cruising Levels Revision
• Charts and Symbols
• IFR Procedures Revision
• Clearances Issued to IFR Flights
• Holding Procedures
• Instrument Approach Procedures
• Separation-General
• Vertical Separation
• Longitudinal Separation Based on Time
• Longitudinal Separation Based on Distance
• Lateral Separation
• Separation of Departing from Arriving Aircraft
• Separation between Arriving Aircraft
• Flight Maintaining VMC
• Division of Responsibility between Approach and Area
• Division of Responsibility between Approach and Aerodrome
• Co-ordination between Approach and Area
• Co-ordination between Approach and Aerodrome
• Approach Control Practical Training
The extensive practical training sessions emphasise a "building blocks" approach and ensure a smooth learning curve culminating in a trainee ready for on-job training..

Simulator training

The simulator training is conducted in an approach procedural simulator and consists of individual exercises.

The airspace/aerodrome is generic and simulates traffic in an approach procedural environment, with one active airport and an adjacent area control centre with radar service.

During this phase of training the student will acquire knowledge and skills of approach procedural control in airspace without SIDs and STARs to practise vertical, lateral and horizontal and time based separations:

They will progressively practice the use of VOR/DME separation how to achieve a sequence for landing from holding aircraft.

In the last part of the training the students will develop knowledge and skills of approach procedural control in airspace with SIDs and STARs to practise all separations and complex situations, including unusual and emergencies, visual approaches, IFR training, missed approaches.

Exams will be conducted for the Theory and practical stages with a pass mark of 70% being the minimum requirement.

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Dates : TBA

ICAO 053 Approach non-Radar (procedural) 

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