Management of Air Navigation Services : 5 days. 

The course focuses on Legal issues in Air Navigation Services management. The role of ICAO, CANSO, IATA and other aviation organizations. Strategic management and policy development. Air Navigation Services business planning. Performance measurement. Benchmarking and best practice. Financial management and analysis. Fees and charges Systematic management approaches: Safety Management System (SMS); ISO and Quality Management System (QMS); Operational Risk Management (ORM)Current ICAO issues: 12th Air Navigation Conference; Global Air Navigation Plan; Performance-based Navigation (PBN); Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU); Air Navigation Services environmental issues.


Upon completing this course you will be able to: Understand the context for the provision of Air Navigation Services, Manage Air Navigation Services effectively, from regulatory and financial issues to technology evolution, Manage safety, quality and risk in your everyday work, Plan and compare performance with other Air Navigation Service providers, Understand Airspace System Block Upgrades (ASBU).


This course is recommended for: Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO) and other operational personnel working for Air Navigation Service Providers: Flight Information Services, Meteorological Services; Rescue and Fire-Fighting Services; Search and Rescue Services; Research and Development; All stakeholders in Air Navigation Services management: General Managers; Engineers; Finance Managers; Project Managers; Air Navigation Services system supply and support organizations.Type your paragraph here.

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