Air Traffic Control - OJT Instructors course

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OJT Instructors (10 Days)

Course Duration: 10 days
Course Objectives

To ensure that the delegate has received the information and training to prove the necessary skills,
knowledge and competence required in gaining a satisfactory result in On Job Training and
ultimately leading to the award of the OJTI endorsement.
This will be achieved by both theoretical and practical instruction, demonstrations and a verbal
Course Design Summary
Designed for qualified controllers, the course aims to cover all aspects of On the Job Training.
The training prepares prospective OJTIs to conduct training and/or training in accordance with the
Unit Training Plan. It also equips future OJTIs to prepare, train, monitor, evaluate and debrief
The course incorporates theoretical and practical instructions, demonstrations and a verbal

The following aspects are covered during the training.
1. Administration
2. Organisational Management
3. Trainer As Coach
4. Instructor Attributes
5. Human Factor / Human Behavior
6. Communication Process
7. Theory Lesson Components
8. Learning Environment
9. Lesson Planning
10. Brief - Monitor - Debrief
11. Simulator Instructional Technique
12. Individual Differences and Classroom Management
13. Training Objectives
14. Training Management
15. Abnormal and Emergency Operations
16. OJT Assessment
17. Writing Reports
18. Presentation Preparation
19. Question Design and Technique
20. Study Visit
21. Presentation

Total Participants: Maximum 7

Prerequisites: Candidates must be operational controllers with at least 3 years’ experience.
Candidates in ATC management and supervisory roles also qualify with at least 1 year working
experience at this level. Candidates will sit for compulsory assessment and pass by 70% to get a

Venues: UK and online


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