PBN RNAV Course.

PBN RNAV Course: 5 days (40 hours) rnav-pbn courses air navigation

Upon completing this course you will:

a. Understand the history of the ICAO Performance-based Navigation (PBN) concept
b. Understand the latest on the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (Doc 9750)
c. Be current on the types of Area Navigation (RNAV) systems
d. Understand the fundamentals of GNSS theory, GNSS separation standards, and the benefits
e. Apply the basics of RNAV and RNP procedures design
f. Be more familiar with Instrument Approach Procedures, Standard Instrument Departures
and Arrivals (SIDs and STARs)
Course content
a. Evolution of ICAO Navigation Specifications leading up to the PBN concept
b. The need for a global plan for implementation and harmonization of CNS/ATM systems
around the world
c. The ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and timeline
e. Relevant ICAO Specifications, in particular for en-route, terminal area and approach
f. Regional differences and harmonization
g. PBN in relation to existing and future airspace structures
g. Types of Area Navigation (RNAV) systems
i. RNAV systems and the following individual navigation system technologies: DME/DME, IRU,
INS, GNSS, GPS, SBAS, GBAS, Galileo etc.

Fundamentals of GNSS theory and GNSS separation standards and benefits:

a. The evolution of GNSS constellations and their augmentations systems (ABAS)
b. Space-based and ground-based GNSS augmentations (SBAS, GBAS)
c. GPS receiver and Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor (RAIM)
d. GNSS interference and relevant NOTAMs
e. GNSS approvals
f. GNSS (RNAV) approaches
g. Lateral and longitudinal GNSS (RNAV) separation standards and benefits
h. Other RNAV (GNSS) procedures
i. Overview of how to validate RNAV and RNP procedures.

Prerequisites: ATS management level, Operational ATC personnel with ratings in
Aerodrome, Approach and Area control. Must have more than 1 year operational
experience. Senior AIS officers. A score of at least 70% will be compulsory to pass
this course.

Total participants: Maximum 10

Course Venues: UK and AFRICA


   Online Learning: https://takeoff.academy  

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